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Arsenic in The Wine

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The Reaper.

A Journey.

A Destination.



In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning

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I don’t know what strange gene is responsible for my irresistible urge to shoot bizarre photography. Some might call it ADD.

The other night, I decided to go on a little field trip. My initial goal was to take pictures of hobos, however, to my extreme disdain, I couldn’t find any.

San Diego’s Ocean Beach must have a large nocturnally migratory homeless population. This is the only explanation I can attribute to the lack of usual street urchins that slump themselves into parking lot corners of OB and resemble sand bags.

But, not to worry, homeless people are not the only ones who wander the streets late at night in populated cities. If you were under this impression than you certainly forgot about the wine-o’s, Rastafarians, club hoppers, bizarre middle-aged couples who look like they regularly share cocaine, tatted up dudes with a contempt for authority, and your standard “ball twirler” guys who all wander the streets.

It took hard work to change these peoples skepticism of my photography. One alcohol-saturated individual- who’s portrait would have been the absolute gem of my pilgrimage, gracefully declined (“get that f***ing camera away from me before I kill you”) my attempts at capturing his essence through the lens. Despite the absence of this charming mans contribution to the album, I hope you enjoy the fruits of my labor.

Christian is an interesting fellow.

When I expressed interest in his tattoos, he was quick to bust out this bad boy. On his calf is the name of his son. I always said contrast was good for a person…



I was hesitant to let him ride my bike at first.

Most likely a crack head.


The Ziploc Effect

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As I type this, I’m eating fettuccine alfredo in my dorm room…

How, you may be asking, is this possible? Everyone knows that dorm room RA’s don’t whip up gourmet Italian dishes for their inhabitants. However, on Wednesday nights, PLNU’s cafeteria does.

With a little help from my friends over at Ziploc, I can securely transport large surpluses of valuable provisions, like delectable European pasta, from point A (caf) to point B (dorm room), and finally point C (stomach).

Unfortunately, this is illegal, and could cause fines to be administered to the perpetrators.

But you know what PLNU? Your law, your relentless hoarding of food, is being thwarted.

I like to think of myself as a selfless pioneer, a “robin hood” of cuisine, a redeemer of the malnourished!

PLNU has an assortment of various meal plans. I currently belong to the 10 a week meal plan, I.E. the 2nd caste in the cafeteria hierarchy. Most weekends I find myself eating Sunday’s dinner, with at least three meals left over. This causes me to have a sort of moral conniption. My thrifty values (eloquently passed down to me from my mother, who washes red party cups in the dishwasher and yields an impressive collection of yogurtland spoons) scream in protest as I think of the profit the school receives from my lack of food consumption.

Thankfully, I do not have to bear the pain of this injustice now that I wield the power of the Ziploc.