Antoine Dodson Has a Reason to be Angry

In News/Pop Culture on August 1, 2010 at 9:47 pm

If you haven’t heard of Antoine Dodson yet you probably don’t spend a lot of time on youtube. Here is the link.

Antoine is probably not a genius. Actually, I would be surprised if his IQ surpassed the double digit range, nevertheless he gets my respect for protecting his family.

Something else besides Antoine stuck out to me when I watched this video.

When the “rapist” climbed through Kelly Dodson’s (Antoine’s sisters) window, he didn’t try and silence the girl or physically hit her. He just sort of cuddled next to her until she woke up and found him laying there, staring at her and breathing on her face like an over-eager dog in the morning waiting to be fed. It was then that she started yelling, causing Antoine to rush in and save the day.

This rapist is screwed. First off, he left his shirt in the Dodson’s house. This was a huge mistake, and as Antoine puts it he’s “really dumb for real”. As dull-witted as that sounds, its true. DNA is all over that thing.

Also this video is not helping to keep the rapist under the radar.

In one day, it got 2 million youtube views. And I didn’t even mention the shirts that were created like the one you see above. This kind of press is bringing the situation to the public eye, and the police force is going to be pressed to make a discovery as soon as possible.

  1. I do not agree I think the media exploited the story to confirm negative stereotypes of blacks. I doubt that they are out trying to find the rapist. Look how they made the shirts! Did not even put real words on the shirt. I did my final in class deconstructing the video. Smdh race. Clas. And gender play a major role in this plot. As well as antiones own ignorance. That is all.

    • Dear “,” after viewing both the numerous grammatical errors that riddled your post, and your opinions themselves, I have been forced to question the validity of your intelligence.

      Antoine was not given recognition or “exploited” due to his race but due to his comical demeanor seen on LIVE TELEVISION.

      By the way, if anything, all the publicity from the media on the Dodson’s has put MORE pressure on the police to keep pursuing Kelly’s attacker.

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