Kanye the Pharaoh

In Media on July 25, 2010 at 2:10 am

If I could think of one man who would spend 30,000 dollars on a stupid, ugly necklace representing the Egyptian god Horace- it would be Kanye West. LOOK AT THIS THING, it doesn’t even look cool, at ALL. Plus, to my knowledge, Kanye isn’t even Egyptian.

But its the black entertainment television awards.


Seriously though, you think that he would have cooled his act down a little bit since it was his first televised appearance since that infamous/amazing night at the MVA’s when he stormed the stage in a drunken stupor and stole Taylor’s glory.


Maybe a few close friends even warned Kanye about wasting his money on this monstrosity, but then again,


  1. hey i love kanye betchh!!! stop talking shittpoop about my hubba you dont know anything about him anyway

    • Jason, i didnt know kanye was your “hubba.”
      I also wasnt aware of your comment-posting alter ego named “Jonas” who talks like a pre-pubescent black girl.

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