Andromeda Strain

In Books/Literature, Reviews on July 16, 2010 at 10:38 pm

I just finished reading “the Andromeda Strain”. It was highly dissatisfying.  Saying this pains me because Chrichton is a genius and I love all his other work, but this book, in my opinion, was sub-par. People who have had the unfornate experiance of wasting their time with this novel will remember that it starts off with a bang when the text is apparently revealed to be a top secret government document. However, even this is unconvincing.

When a satellite crashes into the city Piedmont, Arizona, all the inhabitants die of an unknown cause. Interested, I continued to read. The satellite is retrieved and brought to a top secret lab to be analyzed.

The rest of the book, up until the last 2 chapters, consists of research on the satellite.

BORING research. I didn’t pick a science fiction, to ACTUALLY learn about science.

As the book concluded with the dangerous alien bacteria being safely contained in the laboratory, all my hope of the book having a grand finale, (I.E. a global catastrophe) was squandered.

Unlike most of Chrichtons books, Andromeda Strain didn’t include any scandalous sex, murder, or disaster, which happen to be three of my favorite components in any novel.

A scientist could probably be the only person to find intrigue in this dull book.

Ant ideas about what should I read next?


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